The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star.
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

I am a young home cook living in the Greater New York area. I grew up in a household where the food was fresh every night; we seldom ate out or ordered in. In this respect, I’ve come to find that I’d rather cook for myself and my family than rely on another for food and the possibility of dissatisfaction (with the exception of trusted sources). I am self-taught, with the occasional recipe from Mom. It may be actually impossible for me to follow a recipe without deviation. My cooking is trial and error, season to taste, and critique to improve for next time. I feel a recipe is only the inspiration with which variation is inevitable and necessary.

I will award credit when deserved, but all of my recipes are original and tested renditions of others. I have no foodography skills whatsoever–poor lighting, standard digital camera, etc. so an imagination and ability to visualize these recipes is a must. After successful completion of a new recipe, I always dream about enrolling in a prestigious culinary school, but my gut tells me I don’t have the calm and surgical execution to cook under the kind of pressure required of restaurant chefs.

I’ve come a long way from dumping Tabasco sauce on every meal to stimulate my taste buds. As a result, I think they’ve dulled over time, so my food is rich with flavor but never over-seasoned. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated as I’m still very much learning.

Enjoy! CVK

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