served with Buffalo Baked Onion and Jersey Corn

DSC02714I’m not a big meat-eater, but when I do have beef it must be cooked medium rare at most. I cooked this on a flat-sided grill pan though I assume a barbecue outdoor grill would be preferred. Make sure to let rest and slice on a bias. I like a lot of flavor to stand up to steak too and this coffee spice rub does just that. It’s a little strong and needs the bright acidity from the chimichurri. This recipe is an adaptation of Food & Wine‘s archived summer classics. I processed the chimichurri ingredients for a thicker consistency and changed the spices for the steak rub slightly.


The original recipe calls for just a side salad because you don’t really need much with all of the flavors from the meat and accompanying sauce. However, I thought it’d be fun to play on steak and fried onion, so I baked a sliced onion dipped in breadcrumbs, flour and hot sauce for my version of a Bloomin’ Onion. Roasted, fresh Jersey corn is so juicy and seasonal I couldn’t resist. To kick your corn up a notch mix lime zest and juice with butter and sea salt/cracked pepper and melt in the husk when it cools from the oven. Great rub for something new on a summer steak!


1-2 perfect portion Beef Sirloin steaks (Wegman’s butcher)

2 tbsp each ground coffee, chile powder, brown sugar

1 tbsp salt, paprika


for the chimichurri:

1/4 c each red wine, sherry vinegars

pinch of sugar, dried oregano

2 tbsp EVOO

freshly chopped (about 1 tbsp) cilantro, chives

1/2 small white onion, chopped

1 garlic clove

salt, pepper to taste



1. Combine spices and massage into meat, let sit at room temperature while preparing sauce.

2. Combine chimichurri ingredients in a small food processor, pulse until combined. Set aside.

3. Heat nonstick grill pan until smoking, sear steak 6 minutes per side until medium rare. Rest for 10 minutes before slicing.